15th December 2022

Christmas Trends For 2022

Christmas 2022 is, for many, a very exciting time of year. So, to make this Christmas one to remember for all the family, we have been busy finding the latest Christmas trends.

This entails sustainable décor such as the best botanicals, candles and wrapping ideas, plus we divulge into the colour pallets of the year.

As with clothing this year, thanks to celebrity trends, neural tones are in. This trend goes hand in hand with the eco-friendly look with woods, green tones, terracotta and golds.

For a calmer ambiance, a modern rustic look can be achieved with varied shades of greenery and earthy browns dressed up with ascents of gold.

Wreaths are always a big trend around the winter and this year its less about the big foliage and more eucalyptus minimalism and dried florals. There are a few colour pallets that are on trend this season, the first being dark blues and velvet ribbons.  The second being pastels shades paired with light soft touches from adding feather fern to the wreath.

Many of us are trying to be more environmentally conscious, what a great way to save space, money and the environment is to dress up the house plants we all bought during lockdown.

Instagram and Pinterest are full of ways to do this, from foraged branches, to cacti, it seems that no greenery is safe from being a Christmas centre piece.

Once again, the trusty candle is revived for the holiday season and Christmas time is definitely no time of the year to put the candles away. Christmas 2022 invites vibrant, twisted, shaped, embellished candles sticks and holders.

Not only will they look good in our home, but they can make great homemade gifts for friends and family.


Sustainable wrapping is set to be one of the biggest Christmas Trends 2022.

Beautiful Furoshiki gift wrap techniques has been rising in popularity in recent years, with a 300% increase in google searches in the last five years.

With so many of us now looking for ways to minimise our environmental footprint, the desire to reduce waste at Christmas will be a top priority this coming festive season.

So, alongside the growing range of beautiful fabrics to create elegant Furoshiki-wrapped gifts, there are now an increasing number of reusable and recyclable wrapping papers on the market.


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Christmas Trends For 2022

Christmas 2022 is, for many, a very exciting time of year. So, to make this...

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