22nd November 2022

Our Guide To: Using Your Conservatory All Year Round

The best thing about installing a warmer roof to your conservatory is that you have a versatile space to use all-year-round.

For many of us, when Winter arrives, it brings a whole new excitement about making the most of your new conservatory. With the right heating and lighting, you can turn your conservatory into a luxurious Wintertime retreat.

Whether you use the space for dining or relaxing with family, we’ve come up with some of our favourite ways to use your conservatory during the winter.


Adding magical ambiance through lighting

Bringing in new lights from fairy lights to a new decorative lamp can change the mood of the room, and give it a warmer, cosier feel. This simple trick is cheap and makes your conservatory even more enjoyable in the winter months.

Looking for something trendy? Lava lamps are a modern, affordable trend. Or you could opt for something a little more simplistic with pillar candle set.

These are both great ways to compliment a conservatories appearance.


Get cosy with a blanket and cushions

There is no better way of enjoying your conservatory than snuggling on the sofa with a good book or watching a film under a soft, thick blanket.

As the colder nights draw in, it might be time to find yourself a pair of fluffy socks, a thick throw and some big soft cushions. The best thing about this hack is that it’s cheap and affordable but still looks great.

To create an on trend living space, why not try out a different colour pallet? Dark sage, terracotta with accents of brown is a popular choice and these warmer tones are almost certain to bring a cosy atmosphere to your conservatory.


Seasonal Scents

We all know that the right fragrance can make you incredibly relaxed. We love the winter scents, but when it comes to our favourites, we think that cinnamon and pumpkin scents are must haves.

If you’re not a candle lover, oil fragrance diffusers are another way to keep your conservatory smelling glorious! What’s more, they will never run empty like a candle, you can simply buy refills to replace the old ones.


Rugs on Rugs on Rugs

As much as we love the idea of enjoying wonderful, real wood flooring, we hate walking on cold floors! Layered rugs are your answer. Not only do they add texture, but they also keep your feet warm too.

Don’t be afraid to layer 2 or three rugs, overlapping each other. It makes your conservatory feel homely and it’s one of our favourite tricks.

We suggest choosing different rug textures to mix and match like skins (ethically sourced), woven, or cotton. Why not try juxtaposing textured rugs against smooth cowhides?


If you don’t think your conservatory is a functional space in Winter, perhaps you need a warmer roof! Contact us today for your free no obligatory quote.

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"A big thank you to the staff who installed the warm roof to my conservatory. Friendly, reliable and helpful operatives who made the process stress free leaving me with a beautiful new space for me and my family to enjoy."

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