25th October 2022

Five Simple Ideas To Give Your Home The Spooky Touch

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Dried Flower Wreath

Dried flowers are big trend in home décor right now. To give them a spooky feel add plastic spiders, pumpkins or dried fruit. When weaving the dried flowers or branches make sure you start with the larger items first building up towards the smaller. Add the decorative touches by threading them on with florist wire or hot glue.

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Magic Apothecary Bottles

Turn your home into the perfect witches’ den by creating your own potion bottles. Recycle old bottles and jars, add dried leaves, shaped sweets or even beef jerky to give the appearance of severed body parts. Use a funnel to carefully pour water, food colouring and glitter into the jar, so your creepy parts start to float.

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Bubbling Witches Cauldron

Make your very own alchemist inspired Halloween punch bowl. To set up you will need a plain twig wreath, LED lights to weave through, tissue paper flames to style. Add the cauldron, dry ice and punch of choice to make a spooky witches punch.

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Skull Centrepiece

The skull centrepiece can be done in many ways. Two of our favourites include using the skull as a vessel for the flowers. By adding flowers to the eye sockets this gives an eerie look to the skull or add them to the top to create a flower hair look (romantic goth).

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Spider Webs

A creepily easy Halloween decoration, to make your home look haunted. Homemade string or synthetic cobwebs hung over wall art gives the room a spine-tingling ghoulish feel.

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