23rd November 2023

Tell Tale Signs You Need A New Roof

It can be difficult to identify when it’s time to get a warmer roof fitted on your conservatory, but we have created a starter checklist to help you decide.

Condensation build-up

If you have noticed an excessive amount of condensation in your conservatory, it could be relating to the performance of your roof. It is commonly known to be due to poor sealant between the polycarbonate glass.

How do I fix this?

A quick, temporary solution could be to keep your windows open or use a dehumidifier to increase the ventilation through the property, but unfortunately sometimes this isn’t enough. If the condensation is persistent in your conservatory, it could lead to a growth of mould and also damp. This can cause damage to your furniture and also affect your health too! Condensation is a major tell-tale sign that it’s time to replace your roof.

Unbalance in temperatures?

If the extreme temperature fluctuations stop you from enjoying your conservatory, this could also be an indication that you need to refurbish your conservatory roof.

Noticeable exterior damage

Another sign of needing to replace your conservatory roof, is if any spot cracks or damage and also algae and scum build-up appear. This is a sign that there’s damage to the structure and insulation of your conservatory, which should be dealt with before it causes more problems to occur. Did you know a solid warm roof replacement is guaranteed to prolong the lifespan of your conservatory?

Recurring leaks

If you have noticed any leaking or water damage in your conservatory, your roof needs to be inspected carefully to locate where the leak is coming from. If it is found to be coming from the roof, rather than the frame of the conservatory, it could be that the damage has gradually built up over time due to sealant problems, leaking vents, loose panels or disconnected cappings. By refurbishing to a warm roof, it would be much less likely to leak and cause further damage to your conservatory.


Draughts can be an obvious indication that your conservatory has developed some problems regarding its insulation. If you are able to feel draughts, which aren’t coming in through the windows and doors, it’s quite possible that a crack in your roof has formed allowing cold air to enter. If those draughts in your conservatory increase, this may be in response to the age of your conservatory or due to issues with the sealant. By replacing your polycarbonate roof with a warm, tiled roof, you can eliminate problems of draughts to allow the heat to be contained in your house.


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23rd November 2023

Tell Tale Signs You Need A New Roof

It can be difficult to identify when it’s time to get a warmer roof fitte...

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"A big thank you to the staff who installed the warm roof to my conservatory. Friendly, reliable and helpful operatives who made the process stress free leaving me with a beautiful new space for me and my family to enjoy."

Mr Smith, Newcastle